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Transport and Application Protocols



Cisco Internetwork Design by Matthew Birkner

TCP/IP Design Overview — As a designer, knowing and understanding IP's benefits and limitations plays a tremendous role in your network's design. In this chapter, author Matthew Birkner discusses these IP design and scalability issues.


Cisco Router Configuration by Bruce Pinsky; Allan Leinwand; Mark Culpepper


TCP/IP Basics — If you want specific information on configuring TCP/IP for Cisco IOS, check out this chapter. Network administrators will find this information beneficial before they leap into the additional subfeatures available to configure and enhance networks.


Cisco Systems Network Academy: First Year Companion Guide by Vito Amato


TCP/IP — Learn the functions of the application, transport, and network layers of TCP/IP. You'll also study ICMP, ARP, RARP, UTP, and the concepts of reliable and unreliable protocols in this companion to Cisco Systems' Networking Academy.


Designing Addressing Architectures for Routing and Switching by Howard Berkowitz

The Existing IP and Non-IP Address Structure: Preparing for Remodeling — How will your new network carry non-IP protocols across the backbone? Author Howard Berkowitz addresses this and other issues in this chapter.


TCP/IP Blueprints by Martin Bligh

Operating and Administering a TCP/IP Network — - Apply the principles discussed here when designing, building, and running your TCP/IP network. Using these guidelines now will help you avoid headaches later.


Troubleshooting Common TCP/IP Problems — Need to know what's really happening on your network, not just what's supposed to be happening? Follow the general principles set forth here to begin debugging your network.


Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services by Tim Howes; Mark Smith; Gordon Good

Privacy Security Design — - Learn how to analyze your environment to determine your security and privacy needs, and how to design your directory service to meet those needs.


Piloting Your Directory Service — Get a road map to guide you through the process of piloting your directory service, including pre-pilot testing, determining the scope and goals of your pilot, identifying the piloting environment you need, collecting feedback, and scaling up to simulate the load the service will experience in production.

  Going Production — - Learn how to create and execute successfully a plan for rolling out your directory service.

Understanding the Network by Michael J. Martin


The Networker's Guide to TCP/IP — TCP/IP is the predominant network protocol in use today. Here author Michael J. Martin discusses the key elements of TCP/IP, including what each protocol in the suite does, its sequence in the suite, and services it needs to perform.



Introduction to LDAP: What Is a Directory? — This tutorial provides an introduction to the theory of directory services as a foundation for understanding LDAP.

Introduction to X.500 — This tutorial provides a brief overview of the X.500 directory access protocol, with emphasis on history and on strengths and weaknesses relative to LDAP.

Fundamentals of LDAP — This tutorial provides a conceptual introduction to LDAP. Its focus is theoretical rather than hands-on, and it is intended to give readers a first exposure to the philosophy and mechanics of the protocol.

Overview of the LDAP C API — This tutorial provides an introduction to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) C Language API.

LDAP Initialization and Configuration — This tutorial lays the groundwork for any Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) application and shows how to get started.

LDAP Search Calls, Part I: Synchronous — This tutorial introduces you to some of the core Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) API synchronous versions of search calls.

LDAP Search Calls, Part 2: Synchronous — This tutorial introduces you to additional core Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) API synchronous versions of search calls.

LDAP Search Calls, Part 3: Asynchronous — This tutorial introduces you to some of the core Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) API asynchronous versions of search calls.

Using the LDAP C API to Build an Application — This tutorial takes a broad look at LDAP programming by constructing a large example application.



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One of the primary architects of OpenCable, Michael Adams, explains the key concepts of this initiative in his book OpenCable Architecture.

Expert Advice

Ralph Droms, Ph.D., author of The DHCP Handbook and chair of the IETF Dynamic Host Configuration Working Group, guides you to his top picks for reliable DHCP-related information.

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Residential Broadband, Second Edition
by George Abe

Introduces the topics surrounding high-speed networks to the home. It is written for anyone seeking a broad-based familiarity with the issues of residential broadband (RBB) including product developers, engineers, network designers, business people, professionals in legal and regulatory positions, and industry analysts.


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