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ATM Networks and Security —  ATM's flexibility to deliver different classes of traffic at high or low speed has made it a popular choice for many networks. Security in ATM networks is an emerging concern, though. This article describes why security in ATM networks is a potential issue and what security measures you need to take to protect your network.



Advanced Cisco Router Configuration by Systems Cisco; Laura Chappell

Configuring Transparent Bridging and Integrated Routing and Bridging — Transparent bridging and integrated routing and bridging (IRB) are two router configuration options available to handle non-routable traffic. Information provided here will help you be able to identify the need for these configuration options.


Cisco IOS 12.0 Switching Services by Technologies Riva; Systems Cisco

Switching Paths Overview


Multilayer Switching Overview

  Routing Between Virtual LANs Overview

Cisco LAN Switching (CCIE Professional Development series) by Kennedy Clark; Kevin Hamilton

VLANs — The term Virtual LAN is applied to many things. Find out what defines a VLAN in a Catalyst environment, as well as guidance on their optimal employment and configuration.


Understanding Spanning Tree — The Spanning Tree Protocol is a loop prevention protocol required to prevent broadcast storms and bridge table corruption. Explains the five STP states, STP timers, and BPDU's.

  Advanced Spanning Tree — Learn how to use SPT as a tool for advanced functionality such as load balancing, fast STP convergence, per-VLAN Spanning tree plus (PVST+), and more.

CLSC Exam Certification Guide by Kevin Downes; Tim Boyles

Introduction to Switching Concepts — This study of switching concepts follows the objectives of the Cisco LAN Switch Configuration (CLSC) exam and provides a quiz to help you test your understanding and retention. Topics covered include LAN segmentation, bridging, routing, full- and half-duplex Ethernet and Token Ring.


VLANs — Get an introduction to VLANs and switched internetworking, compare traditional shared LAN configurations with switched LAN configurations, and learn the benefits of using a switched virtual LAN architecture. Cisco CLSC exam objectives and review quiz provided.

  Final Network Scenario — Make your final preparation for the CLSC exam with this case study and solution involving the move from a traditional collapsed backbone to a flatter, switched network using Catalyst switches and ATM LANE modules. Includes questions to test your understanding, as well as some configurations and the results of some show commands related to this network.

Switched, Fast, and Gigabit Ethernet, Third Edition by Sean Riley; Robert Breyer

Layer 2 Ethernet Switching — Layer 2 switches are incredibly useful devices for building fast, affordable Ethernets of all sizes. Take an in-depth look at the concept, standards, and practical uses of this technology.


VLANs and Layer 3 Switching — Once you're familiar with Layer 2 switching, delve into this chapter for an overview of Layer 3 switching and virtual LANs. Find out more about Layer 4 switching also.



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One of the primary architects of OpenCable, Michael Adams, explains the key concepts of this initiative in his book OpenCable Architecture.

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Ralph Droms, Ph.D., author of The DHCP Handbook and chair of the IETF Dynamic Host Configuration Working Group, guides you to his top picks for reliable DHCP-related information.

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Residential Broadband, Second Edition
by George Abe

Introduces the topics surrounding high-speed networks to the home. It is written for anyone seeking a broad-based familiarity with the issues of residential broadband (RBB) including product developers, engineers, network designers, business people, professionals in legal and regulatory positions, and industry analysts.


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