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Integrated Services



CCIE Professional Development: Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 by Jeff Doyle


Integrated IS-IS — Clear, complete coverage of the IS-IS routing protocol, including basic operation, configuration case studies, and troubleshooting.


Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks by Donn Lee

Managing Routing Protocols — In a real-world network, routing protocols must be managed, extended, and optimized to promote overall network stability, flexibility, and efficiency. Here, author Donald C. Lee covers the key techniques that help you achieve these objectives.


Deploying Basic Quality of Service Features — Here, author Donald C. Lee explains basic quality of service (QoS) principles and the configuration of the IOS queuing services that deliver QoS.


Developing IP Multicast Networks, Volume 1 by Beau Williamson; Glen Zorn

Multimedia Multicast Applications — Explore some of the underlying protocols used by multimedia conferencing applications, including those used to encapsulate multimedia conference audio and video data streams and to monitor the delivery of the data to the end-stations in the conference. The chapter concludes with a look at the popular MBone multimedia conferencing applications.


OpenCable Architecture by Michael Adams

Adding Digital Television Services to Cable Systems — Author Michael Adams begins by discussing the technical and market drivers for digital television and then turns his attention to the enhancements necessary to the cable network in order to support digital television services.
  Why OpenCable? — Many people are asking themselves this question these days. If you're one of them, find out more about the goals of OpenCable and solutions this initiative offers.

Expert Recommends

The Expert Recommends: Essential Resources for OpenCable Architecture by Michael Adams — If you're having trouble finding solid information on OpenCable and digital TV, check out Michael Adams's list of must-have books.


Breaking News

One of the primary architects of OpenCable, Michael Adams, explains the key concepts of this initiative in his book OpenCable Architecture.

Expert Advice

Ralph Droms, Ph.D., author of The DHCP Handbook and chair of the IETF Dynamic Host Configuration Working Group, guides you to his top picks for reliable DHCP-related information.

Just Published

Residential Broadband, Second Edition
by George Abe

Introduces the topics surrounding high-speed networks to the home. It is written for anyone seeking a broad-based familiarity with the issues of residential broadband (RBB) including product developers, engineers, network designers, business people, professionals in legal and regulatory positions, and industry analysts.


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