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Cisco Systems Networking Academy: First-Year Companion Guide

Cisco Systems Networking Academy: First-Year Companion Guide

Author: Vito Amato
Web Price: $50 US
Publisher: Cisco Press (53)
ISBN: 1578701260
Publication Date: 5/5/99
Pages: 464

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents















The Goal of This Book




This Book's Audience





1. -


Networking and the OSI Reference Model


2. -


The Physical and Data Link Layers


3. -


Networking Devices


4. -


LANs and WANs


5. -


IP Addressing


6. -




7. -




8. -


Structured Cabling and Electricity


9. -


The Application, Presentation, Session, and Transport Layers


10. -




11. -


The Network Layer and Routing


12. -


The Router User Interface and Modes


13. -


Displaying Router Configuration Information


14. -


Router Startup and Setup Configuration


15. -


Router Configuration


16. -


Sources for Cisco IOS Software


17. -


Configuring Router Interfaces with IP Addresses


18. -


Router Configuration and Routing Protocols: RIP and IGRP


19. -


Network Management


A. -


QuickTime Movie Reference


B. -


Command Summary


C. -


Answers to Review Questions






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