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Designing Cisco Networks

Designing Cisco Networks

Author: Diane Teare
Web Price: $60 US
Publisher: Cisco Press (53)
ISBN: 1578701058
Publication Date: 7/19/99
Pages: 848

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


















Internetworking Technology Review


1. -


Internetworking Technology Review




A Small- to Medium-Sized Business Solutions Framework


2. -


Analyzing Small- to Medium-Sized Business Networks




Identifying Customer Needs


3. -


Characterizing the Existing Network


4. -


Determining New Customer Requirements




Designing the Topology


5. -


Designing the Network Topology


6. -


Provisioning Hardware and Media for the LAN


7. -


Provisioning Hardware and Media for the WAN


8. -


Designing a Network Layer Addressing and Naming Model


9. -


Selecting Routing and Bridging Protocols


10. -


Provisioning Software Features


11. -


Selecting a Network Management Strategy


12. -


Writing a Design Document




Building a Prototype or Pilot for the Network


13. -


Building a Prototype or Pilot


14. -


Testing the Prototype or Pilot




Sample CCDA Sylvan Exam


15. -


Sample CCDA Sylvan Exam




Appendixes and Glossary


A. -


Case Studies


B. -


Answers to Chapter Questions, Case Studies, and Sample CCDA Exam


C. -


ABC Networks Design Center Network Design


C. -


Interesting WWW Links and Other Suggested Readings


D. -


PIX Firewall Design Implementation Guide


E. -


Router Performance Design and Implementation Guide


F. -


ISDN Design and Implementation Guide


G. -


Windows NT Design and Implementation Guide


H. -


Network Address Translation


I. -


OSPF Frequently Asked Questions


J. -


OSPF Design Guide


K. -


Enhancements to EIGRP


L. -




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