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Gigabit Ethernet Networking

Gigabit Ethernet Networking

Author: David Cunningham; Bill Lane
Web Price: $50 US
Publisher: MTP
ISBN: 1578700620
Publication Date: 5/28/99
Pages: 592

Table of Contents

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With the capability to increase network traffic speeds by a factor of ten, Gigabit Ethernet technology is of critical importance to network engineers and administrators. With in-depth and hands-on knowledge from key contributors to the Gigabit Ethernet standard, Gigabit Ethernet Networking provides both the necessary context of the technology and advanced knowledge of its implementation. Network architects and engineers will find critical information on the fundamental issues that effect the deployment of Gigabit Ethernet technology. This comprehensive guide covers critical compatibility information for end stations, repeaters, switches, and routers in Gigabit Ethernet networks, transmission issues involving both copper and optical fiber physical layers, proven planning procedures that guide network engineers and architects in the installation and management of equipment used to implement Gigabit Ethernet, and more.


Table of Contents























1. -


Ethernet Development: The Need for Speed


2. -


The OSI and Gigabit Ethernet Standard Reference Models




Network Access and Control


3. -


Media Access Control


4. -


Gigabit Repeaters, Bridges, Routers, and Switches




Transmission Fundamentals


5. -


Fundamentals of Baseband Transmission


6. -


Fundamentals of Fiber Optic Communication




The Common 1000BASE-X Physical Layers


7. -


The Common Physical Sublayers: Reconciliation and the GMII


8. -


Physical Coding, Physical Medium Attachment, and Auto-Negotiation for1000BASE-X




The 1000BASE-X Media Dependent Layers


9. -


The Gigabit Ethernet Optical Link Model


10. -


The Gigabit Ethernet Modal Bandwidth Investigation


11. -


1000BASE-X: Optical Fiber andCopperPMDs




Network Installation andSystemConsiderations


12. -


The Cable Plant: Installation andManagement


13. -


Upgrading Ethernet LANs: SystemandTopology Considerations


14. -


Gigabit Ethernet in Context withOtherLAN Technologies


15. -


The Future: Gigabit Ethernet and Beyond






A. -


References and Other Sources of Additional Information


B. -


8B10B Code Table






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