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Internetworking Troubleshooting Handbook

Internetworking Troubleshooting Handbook

Author: Systems Cisco; Kevin Downs
Web Price: $50 US
Publisher: Cisco Press (53)
ISBN: 1578700248
Publication Date: 11/17/98
Pages: 700

Table of Contents

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Internetworking Troubleshooting Handbook focuses on helping you diagnose and resolve specific and potentially problematic issues common to every network type. This book aims to help you reduce downtime, improve network performance, and enhance network reliability using proven troubleshooting solutions. In addition, it is intended to help you make intelligent, timely, and cost-effective networking decisions for your networking environment. Each section of the book is devoted to problems common to a specific protocol. Sections are subdivided into symptoms, descriptions of environments, diagnosing and isolating problem causes, and problem-solution summaries. Specific protocols covered include TCP/IP, IPX, IBM, AppleTalk, Transparent Bridging, DECnet, and ISO CLNS.


Table of Contents




Trademark Acknowledgements




About the Authors












Introduction to Troubleshooting


1. -


Troubleshooting Overview


2. -


Troubleshooting Tools




Hardware, Booting, and Media Problems


3. -


Troubleshooting Hardware and Booting Problems


4. -


Troubleshooting Ethernet


5. -


Troubleshooting Fiber Distributed Data Interface


6. -


Troubleshooting Token Ring




Troubleshooting Desktop and Enterprise Routing Protocols


7. -


Troubleshooting TCP/IP


8. -


Troubleshooting Novell IPX


9. -


Troub leshooting AppleTalk


10. -


Troubleshooting IBM


11. -


Troubleshooting DECnet


12. -


Troubleshooting ISO CLNS


13. -


Troubleshooting Banyan VINES


14. -


Troubleshooting XNS




Troubleshooting Serial Lines and WAN Connections


15. -


Troubleshooting Serial Line Problems


16. -


Troubleshooting Dialin Connections


17. -


Troubleshooting ISDN Connections


18. -


Troubleshooting Frame Relay Connections


19. -


Troubleshooting X.25 Connections




Troubleshooting Bridging and Switching Environments


20. -


Troubleshooting Transparent Bridging Environments


21. -


Troubleshooting ATM Switching Environments


22. -


Troubleshooting LAN Switching Environments




Troubleshooting Other Internetwork Problems


23. -


Troubleshooting CiscoWorks Problems


24. -


Troubleshooting Security Implementations






A. -


Creating Core Dumps


B. -


Memory Maps


C. -


Technical Support Information


D. -


References and Recommended Reading


E. -


Troubleshooting Worksheets


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