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ACRC Exam Certification Guide

ACRC Exam Certification Guide

Author: Clare Gough
Web Price: $60 US
Publisher: Cisco Press (Trade/52)
ISBN: 0735700753
Publication Date: 6/22/99
Pages: 528

Table of Contents

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The Advanced Cisco Router Configuration (ACRC) exam is one of the tests required for certification as a Cisco Certified Network Professional or Cisco Certified Design Professional. As with any Cisco Career Certification exam, the ACRC exam requires plenty of study and confidence in your networking and router configuration knowledge. When you're ready to test your knowledge of the objectives and prepare for exam day, you need the preparation tools found in ACRC Exam Certification Guide from Cisco Press. ACRC Exam Certification Guice is a comprehensive study tool for ACRC Exam #640-403. Written by a CCIE and Certified Cisco Systems Instructor and reviewed by Cisco technical experts. ACRC Exam Certification will help you understand and master the exam objectives. Quizzes help you discover how far you need to go to achieve objective mastery, section-by-section objective lists keep you focused on the exam material you need to study.


Table of Contents












1. -


What Is ACRC?


2. -


Managing Scalable Network Growth


3. -


IP Addressing


4. -


IP Routing Protocols


5. -


OSPF Configuration


6. -


EIGRP, BGP, and Redistribution


7. -


WAN Options: ISDN, DDR, and Configuration


8. -




9. -


AppleTalk and ISDN Options


A. -


Answers to Quizzes and Q&As


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