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The Expert Recommends:
Essential Resources for Networking Beginners

By Thomas M. Thomas II - June 12, 2000

Essential Resources for Networking Beginners

Self-Study Materials

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Online Resources


Online Resources

The Internet is a wealth of information; however, it’s like a library without a card catalog. :) The following section will provide you with a series of index cards that can greatly enhance your access to online technical information and resources.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Description: Cisco has a wonderful web site that provides a wealth of information for all network engineers. However, navigating and searching the site is a learned skill, so don’t get frustrated. Just narrow your search and keep trying—persistence pays off! There is a wealth of information to be found here…if only you can find it!

Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning more about networking and Cisco products should explore this site, which offers learning opportunities for all levels.


Description: The Information Technology Professional’s Resource Center (ITPRC) was created as a one-stop-shop where networking professionals can find information relating to the various technical aspects of networking. In addition to providing links to a vast collection of networking-related information on the Internet, the ITPRC provides links to career management information and forums where IT professionals can interact with one another. The ITPRC is like a mini card catalog of technology resources for networkers. You will find its pages to be easily navigable; it provides a complete list of resources that are separated into categories and briefly described.

Audience: Again, anyone who is interested in finding more networking-related information can benefit from this site. There are learning opportunities here for all levels.

NetAnalysis Institute

Description: The Network Analysis Institute provides an outlet for packet-level information and supports and promotes understanding and capabilities of network troubleshooters. This level of understanding is the building block upon which every aspect of networking is built; it is not called Layer 1 for nothing! :) Whether you are new to packet-level analysis and networking in general or a seasoned troubleshooter, you will find that the Institute provides a plethora of support information and links that will make your life easier (and definitely more interesting). It also offers some great downloads of real trace files and analysis.

Audience: Intermediate audiences will benefit most from this site because most of the material requires some knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol suite.


Description: One of the most famous mailing lists for networking on the Internet has its home here. This list is geared to those of you who are searching to learn about certifications. However, be aware: it is a high volume list intermixed with some technical issues. The list is great for beginners, but be sure to check the Web site for extensive archives and frequently asked questions before posting. The accompanying site also has some great resources, such as a BBS and several places where you can voice your opinion on certain resources and hear what your peers have to say.

Audience: Again, this site would appeal to anyone who is interested in learning more about networking. The learning opportunities that are available here hit all levels.




Breaking News

One of the primary architects of OpenCable, Michael Adams, explains the key concepts of this initiative in his book OpenCable Architecture.

Expert Advice

Ralph Droms, Ph.D., author of The DHCP Handbook and chair of the IETF Dynamic Host Configuration Working Group, guides you to his top picks for reliable DHCP-related information.

Just Published

Residential Broadband, Second Edition
by George Abe

Introduces the topics surrounding high-speed networks to the home. It is written for anyone seeking a broad-based familiarity with the issues of residential broadband (RBB) including product developers, engineers, network designers, business people, professionals in legal and regulatory positions, and industry analysts.


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