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The Expert Recommends:
Essential Resources for Computer and Network Security Professionals

by Rebecca Bace - May 30, 2000

Essential Resources for Computer and Network Security Professionals

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Making Sense of Internet Security


Web-Based Resources for Information Security


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Making Sense of Internet Security

In a world connected by the Internet, stuff happens, both good and bad. The massive interconnectivity that enables users to harness the power of the Internet to do good things also enables those who exploit the network for less noble—even criminal—purposes, often preying on innocent users and their data. As many of the greatest promises of cyberspace require us to place our most precious information assets on the network, a conundrum arises. How do we balance the need to protect these assets with the desire to benefit from their appropriate use?

Information security explores these questions from a variety of perspectives. Some of the topics included in information security are

  • History of information security—how security has evolved with the technological world

  • Techniques for developing information systems that are less vulnerable to security breaches and attacks

  • Security management

  • Security technologies

  • Encryption

  • Communication security

  • Incident handling and investigation

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